Six reasons of Sadness

Food for the thought post !!

Surendra Tipparaju

Over the weekend joined my friend Sahadev reviewing the Human excellence program conducted across various schools through Soham Academy. In many ways it was eyeopener revelation of forgotten lesson from a simple poem explained by a student on Six reasons of sadness-

Ersha ghruNI nasaMtushTah krOdhanO nityaSaMkitaH

parabhAgyOpajivee cha ShadEte nitys dhuHKitha

Six reasons that
push anyone us into oblivion of sadness:

  1. Jealousy of other’s accomplishments
  2. Hatefulness through intense dislike of things and people
  3. Discontentment with what you have and craving for more
  4. Anger for no good reason
  5. Suspicion on others intent and trying to validate everything and everyone always
  6. Self-Shackling through dependency by mind and in-action

Keep a note of these
if they are impacting you.

Be Happy ALWAYS!

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